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v2.8.2 Current

Released on 04/28/2024

  • Support for AV1 playback
  • Restructured player settings menu
  • Support light color scheme in player
  • Fix some player styling issues


Released on 03/25/2024

  • Fix timestamp links not working in the embed player
  • New RSS feed for videos


Released on 03/05/2024


  • Google Cast and AirPlay support 🎉
  • Add metadata to the browsers Media Session
  • Show video title in theater, fullscreen and embed player
  • Show action icon when using keyboard shortcuts


  • Fix some characters not being displayed in chat correctly


Released on 01/25/2024

  • Improvements to the chat layout
  • Update icons of external websites
  • Pages now automatically scroll to the top after navigation
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements


Released on 01/01/2024

  • Fix chat autoscroll failing to work often
  • Fix livestreams reloading once after about 10s of playback


Released on 12/19/2023

Add alternative format for timestamp sharing. Instead of a time in seconds, you can now use timestamps like 5h23min or 54m23s. Supported time parts are h (hours), m or min (minutes), s or sec (seconds). All parts are optional and can be combined as you wish, but they have to be in the order of hours, minutes, seconds.

When copying the link through the share-menu, the classic format (in seconds) will still be used for now.



Released on 12/04/2023

  • Disable player double-tap seek gestures for mouse clicks
  • Disable player double-click fullscreen gesture for touch inputs


Released on 12/03/2023

  • Fix player ambient light


Released on 11/3O/2023

  • Change "Popular Videos" to "Latest Videos" on homepage
  • Fix an issue that would cause the chat to crash


Released on 11/29/2023

  • Add compatibility for other livestreams
  • Enable readable chat colors by default


Released on 11/24/2023

  • Add option for readable colors in chat


Released on 11/09/2023

  • Add livestreams to homepage


Released on 11/08/2023

  • Add a help menu for keyboard shortcuts to player settings
  • Add chat replay to livestreams (auto switching can be disabled in the chat settings)
  • Fix various chat issues
  • Improve chat performance
  • Show the livestream runtime in the details


Released on 10/26/2023

  • New button to reset the player
  • New live badge for channels
  • Start playing streams automatically when they go live


Released on 10/24/2023

  • Add logout button for the Twitch authentication to the live chat settings
  • Fixed the player not loading on iOS / macOS versions below 16.4
  • Change the breakpoint between desktop and mobile player layout


Released on 10/21/2023

  • Add pricing details for livestreams to partnership page
  • Fixed an issue with the live viewer number
  • Disable audio-only setting on the live player
  • Disable click-to-pause gesture for the live player


Released on 10/21/2023

  • Livestreams on LiveArchive have been enabled (again)
    • Combined chat from Twitch and YouTube, can be disabled individually
    • Supports sending messages to Twitch Chat
    • Live chat can be popped out into a separate window


Released on 10/19/2023

  • Add more keyboard shortcuts to the player:
    • T & ESC - toggle Theater Mode
    • , / . - seek 1 second backward / forward
    • J / L - seek 10 seconds backward / forward


Released on 10/17/2023

  • LiveArchive can now be installed as an "app"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat to get stuck in certain situations


Released on 10/17/2023

Changes to the player:

  • Updated style to be more consistent with the site
  • Show video title in fullscreen
  • Add embed player (append /embed to the video URL or use the share menu)
  • Add buttons for seeking (30 seconds)
  • Keyboard shortcuts now seek 5 seconds forward / backward (10 seconds with Shift)
  • Support Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Add ambient light (must be enabled through player settings, will have a performance impact)
  • Enable autoplay for videos (can be disabled through player settings)
  • Add audio-only mode
  • Current keyboard shortcuts:
    • K & Space - toggle pause
    • M - toggle mute
    • F - toggle fullscreen
    • I - toggle Picture-in-Picture
    • / - decrease / increase volume
    • / - seek 5 seconds backward / forward


Released on 09/11/2023

  • Add comparison with other providers to cost calculator
  • Option to disable animated emotes in chat


Released on 09/07/2023

  • Add a contact form
  • Add a partnership / pricing page


Released on 09/03/2023

  • Improve language detection, permanently save selected language
  • Move color mode button and language selector to a new settings menu
  • Add a new option to delete video watch progress for all videos to the settings menu
  • Add support for chat timeouts and bans
  • Show sub notifications with user messages


Released on 08/05/2023

Various small fixes and improvements:

  • Add a subtle shadow to player control elements for better contrast
  • Add a button to pause chat in mobile layout
  • Disable the Dark Reader extension by default
  • Video preview is now playing when hovering anywhere over the video card, not only the thumbnail
  • Use tooltips for all buttons
  • Show a prompt when both a URL timestamp parameter and a saved video progress are present
  • Show a warning when a shared timestamp is invalid
  • Restart video from beginning when it was watched completely before


Released on 06/29/2023

  • Use dark mode by default
  • Fix video player page loading correctly when navigating to it from another page
  • Fix placeholder videos being briefly visible before real videos are loaded in on channel page


Released on 06/26/2023

  • Complete rewrite and redesign of
  • General:
    • Light and dark mode
    • Optimized layout for all screen sizes and devices
  • Channel page:
    • Video titles can be searched
    • Videos can be sorted
    • Videos can be filtered by their date
    • Video watch progress is displayed below the thumbnail image
    • Videos are split into pages instead of an infinite scroll
  • Video Player:
    • Modern player
    • Theater mode and collapsable chat
    • Video watch progress is saved automatically
    • Videos can be shared, optionally with the current timestamp
    • All common keyboard shortcuts supported
    • Player settings (volume, mute, quality) are saved
  • Chat Replay:
    • Supports badges, emotes, and system messages like subs (can all be disabled)
    • Support emotes from BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, 7TV (can all be disabled)
    • Extensive chat settings