v2.6.6 Current

Released on 11/24/2023

  • Add option for readable colors in chat


Released on 11/09/2023

  • Add livestreams to homepage


Released on 11/08/2023

  • Add a help menu for keyboard shortcuts to player settings
  • Add chat replay to livestreams (auto switching can be disabled in the chat settings)
  • Fix various chat issues
  • Improve chat performance
  • Show the livestream runtime in the details


Released on 10/26/2023

  • New button to reset the player
  • New live badge for channels
  • Start playing streams automatically when they go live


Released on 10/24/2023

  • Add logout button for the Twitch authentication to the live chat settings
  • Fixed the player not loading on iOS / macOS versions below 16.4
  • Change the breakpoint between desktop and mobile player layout


Released on 10/21/2023

  • Add pricing details for livestreams to partnership page
  • Fixed an issue with the live viewer number
  • Disable audio-only setting on the live player
  • Disable click-to-pause gesture for the live player


Released on 10/21/2023

  • Livestreams on LiveArchive have been enabled (again)
    • Combined chat from Twitch and YouTube, can be disabled individually
    • Supports sending messages to Twitch Chat
    • Live chat can be popped out into a separate window


Released on 10/19/2023

  • Add more keyboard shortcuts to the player:
    • T & ESC - toggle Theater Mode
    • , / . - seek 1 second backward / forward
    • J / L - seek 10 seconds backward / forward


Released on 10/17/2023

  • LiveArchive can now be installed as an "app"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat to get stuck in certain situations


Released on 10/17/2023

Changes to the player:

  • Updated style to be more consistent with the site
  • Show video title in fullscreen
  • Add embed player (append /embed to the video URL or use the share menu)
  • Add buttons for seeking (30 seconds)
  • Keyboard shortcuts now seek 5 seconds forward / backward (10 seconds with Shift)
  • Support Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Add ambient light (must be enabled through player settings, will have a performance impact)
  • Enable autoplay for videos (can be disabled through player settings)
  • Add audio-only mode
  • Current keyboard shortcuts:
    • K & Space - toggle pause
    • M - toggle mute
    • F - toggle fullscreen
    • I - toggle Picture-in-Picture
    • / - decrease / increase volume
    • / - seek 5 seconds backward / forward


Released on 09/11/2023

  • Add comparison with other providers to cost calculator
  • Option to disable animated emotes in chat


Released on 09/07/2023

  • Add a contact form
  • Add a partnership / pricing page


Released on 09/03/2023

  • Improve language detection, permanently save selected language
  • Move color mode button and language selector to a new settings menu
  • Add a new option to delete video watch progress for all videos to the settings menu
  • Add support for chat timeouts and bans
  • Show sub notifications with user messages


Released on 08/05/2023

Various small fixes and improvements:

  • Add a subtle shadow to player control elements for better contrast
  • Add a button to pause chat in mobile layout
  • Disable the Dark Reader extension by default
  • Video preview is now playing when hovering anywhere over the video card, not only the thumbnail
  • Use tooltips for all buttons
  • Show a prompt when both a URL timestamp parameter and a saved video progress are present
  • Show a warning when a shared timestamp is invalid
  • Restart video from beginning when it was watched completely before


Released on 06/29/2023

  • Use dark mode by default
  • Fix video player page loading correctly when navigating to it from another page
  • Fix placeholder videos being briefly visible before real videos are loaded in on channel page


Released on 06/26/2023

  • Complete rewrite and redesign of LiveArchive.net
  • General:
    • Light and dark mode
    • Optimized layout for all screen sizes and devices
  • Channel page:
    • Video titles can be searched
    • Videos can be sorted
    • Videos can be filtered by their date
    • Video watch progress is displayed below the thumbnail image
    • Videos are split into pages instead of an infinite scroll
  • Video Player:
    • Modern player
    • Theater mode and collapsable chat
    • Video watch progress is saved automatically
    • Videos can be shared, optionally with the current timestamp
    • All common keyboard shortcuts supported
    • Player settings (volume, mute, quality) are saved
  • Chat Replay:
    • Supports badges, emotes, and system messages like subs (can all be disabled)
    • Support emotes from BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, 7TV (can all be disabled)
    • Extensive chat settings